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3 definitions by SiNs

One who becomes aroused by plants and trees and proceeds to hump them until kingdom come.
That treehugger is a dandraphiliac.

He loves to hump those trees; what a dandraphiliac.

Dandraphiliacs have no lives.

That dandraphiliac should live in the rainforest.
by SiNs November 17, 2004
fawk,fawken,fawked. basically means fuck. used in Counter-Strike, to get around Swear filters =D
GUY:WTF your so gay dude you ****!
Me: HA what a fawken idiot!
Me: you got nocked tha fawk out!
by Sins February 16, 2003
fly or cool shit.
"damb them rims are pimp yo"
by Sins February 16, 2003