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P past
O over
D dosed
or really fuckin' faded
Lets get P. O. D. ded smokin blunts thats all thats needed
by SIN November 07, 2003
a los angeles street gang that spread like a paracite to every metropolitan area in the states and influenced upper middle class white teens to imitate the gang and horrify white suburban parents everywhere
ay that white boy is suited up like a CRIP lets go teach him a lesson.
by SIN November 07, 2003
Far too unique to be classified as nerd, geek, dork, or any other. Though he spends a lot of his time around computers, Geek and Nerd are rule dout by his vast amount of friends. And though he can be a real jackass, to both people he can claim to know, and people whom he doesn't, one thing is certain-- this little undefeatable mortal is shy around the female species. That's right. A wuss around girls.
Also a gamer, and an all-around clever person, he still sports a large conscience, forbiding him from doing wrong.
And lastly, though willing to be an ass to gain his way, once taken in as a friend, he will be everything loyal.
Zvonimir- The ultimate human.

((Lizzie:: Lies. The whole of it. I pwn him, and always will.))
by Sin April 14, 2004
by SiN February 06, 2003
very large animal the cross between a giraffe, an antolope ,and a grape.
dude you suck huge giraffalope balls, man hes as big as a giraffalope.
by sin March 17, 2004
The greatest gamer in the world, and THC rox your sox.
Sin is so sexy, I wish I could pvp like Sin!
by Sin October 14, 2003
The true god! there is no other just satan.

the religious comunnity wants you to belive he is bad but he is just an avrage guy! he is just pissed because he gets a bad rap.
satan is a true friend to all depressed people
the church lies to all for satan is are real god, master, and he runs are home after death. satan can be my friend for he shale bless me even if I have sined once or twice. satan will forgive all so sin away!
by Sin September 09, 2004
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