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2 definitions by Shufk

A small amount of food kept or saved for snacking purposes at a later time.
Justin put the half-eaten bag of stale chips into his backpack for Safe Laters.
by Shufk March 01, 2009
Originally this phrase was For Fuck Sakes, but has since been reduced to a simple Fer Fuck.

This phrase will often be heard when a person is annoyed, distressed or in pain.
Tom : Jeff, Ive eaten all the nachos.
Jeff: Fer Fuck, Tom, i was really hungry.

After waiting at the buss stop for 40 minutes, Chloe realizes the busses are no longer running.
Chloe: Oh FER FUCK!

Reginald drops a tin of soup onto his toe.
Reginald: Fer Fuck! That really hurts!

When Nelson drops his cellphone, he is heard to exclaim
"Fer Fuck" as he reaches down to pick it up.

by Shufk March 01, 2009