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A great website for potheads!!
by Show March 07, 2005
way too many people living in identical house five feet from each other. usually with 2.5 kids and a pet. this is basically the life style that you dont want but half the people in flordia end up this way.
i know the cops are chasing us but we are lost in surburbia
by show January 22, 2005
A pornstar from Russia.
Hey baby wana fuck , this is Reveen.
by Show February 06, 2005
A Causaul Greeting to a person
Mike- Whats up dude
Dave- no much Erdeegerkins
by Show February 09, 2005
When you get really wasted on Soma's!
dude, im in a fuckin SomaComa...yah
by Show March 07, 2005
When a guy sneaks up on a girl from behind. He then takes he's hand and moves it from the lower part of the girls ass crack, to the top of her ass crack. Then Lick.. A Loop, Swoop, And Lick!
Hey dude that i heard you gave that girl a Loop, Swoop, And Lick
by Show March 05, 2005
something worse than decrepade....the nasty worst most fucked up "thing" ever!
im not going in that house fool, its CaveChronic!
by Show February 09, 2005

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