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"Aura" is the ever-changing flow of life energy around one's body; it can be harnessed for supernatural abilities, though not as extreme as showcased in some animes. (i.e., Dragonball Z) It is also known as "chi" or "ki".
Focusing one's aura onto one point increases the blood flow, making that point feel stronger.
by Shouryu April 21, 2004
Botan is a character from the anime YuYu Hakusho. She is the "Grim Reaper" of the show; ferrywoman of the River Styx.
Botan... eheh... bishoujo... >>
by Shouryu April 21, 2004
"Smead" is slang; used mostly by Freshmen in Albia, "Smead" has come to mean a multitude of insults. "Moron", "idiot", "dwarf", "small person who is uber-annoying" are some of the most common.
Smead is such a Smead.
by Shouryu May 05, 2004
"Shmeadly" is the inflected form of "Smead". This is the form used by sophomores in ACHS and the Biology teacher. It means, oddly enough, the exact opposite of Smead.
Nah, Smead's not a Smead, he's a Shmeadly!
by Shouryu September 08, 2004

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