3 definitions by Short Gordon

An act of doing something sexual to someone.

Pronounced Fe-Lay-Shhh
Sharron felashed johnny when she gave him a handjob
by Short Gordon August 19, 2008
Also Known As CGS. Cool guy stuff is a term used to talk about smoking marijuana. Usually used around relatives, girlfriends, or people you don't want to let know you smoke.
Gerrard want to do some cool guy stuff when we get out of class. Yeah dude definitly I'll go buy some, and we will go on a ride then to McDonalds.
by Short Gordon November 07, 2007
A phrase used to describe a place to do some sexual activity to someone.
I took Madiline to my felashment chamber where i went down on her box for hours
by Short Gordon August 19, 2008

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