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A German Rock band, who sings solely in German. Very good song such as Die Perfektion, Imemr Mehr. Similar to rammstein in a way, except its hard to understand if you cannot speak German. Good voice and guitar.
Hey man, I just bought the new Madsen CD.
by Shnsun5 September 08, 2006
The best tacos and Coney Dogs arounf in michigan! located in Rochester, this place has some seriously good eats, for cheap. And some of the employees are emo.
Let's go to Lipumas and get some lunch.
by Shnsun5 September 02, 2006
A botique located in select cities in the west. Sells cheap clothes, that run extremely small, and usually start shredding the day after you buy them.
Oh no! I bought this shirt at Fashion Q yesterday, and it's already shredded.
by Shnsun5 September 08, 2006
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