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1. When mexican women, or "mexican" women wear jeans with no back pockets and they're jeans are so tight that their ass folds over their jeans.

2. When old women have long asses and wear granny panties and its saggy as hell.
Look-a-dat lady righ der she got long-booty-swamp ass
by Shmeckledwarf April 27, 2008
A female with no junk-in-the-trunk. The only lump you see is from her calves.
Jacob: Hey Cj look at her butt!
CJ: What butt?
Jacob: Oh right, she got calves
by Shmeckledwarf April 27, 2008
A common term used by niggers to shoot on other niggers followed by a physically unappealing feature and ending with either "head ass" or "head ass nigga"
1. You Big-O Long Booty, Swamp, Water-Logged, head ass

2. You Big-O giraffe-neck-head-ass nigga
by Shmeckledwarf April 27, 2008
when a girl has a flat ass
Darryn: Cj look-a-dat bitch righ der, she aint got no ass
Cj: hell yee, she got pancakes
by Shmeckledwarf April 27, 2008

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