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An existential enclosure for confining sheeple, precluding independent thinking that might lead to freedom from servitude to, for example, religion.
When I started pointing out the way Christianity had co-opted longstanding cultural traditions in order to consolidate its power base, and how little of the 'unique' aspects of his religion were in fact unique, I realized I had wandered out of his belief corral - I might as well have been talking to myself.
by Shlomo Hussein January 18, 2009
Stolen Arab Land Occupied By Israel
Have you heard the latest about the Jizim living in SALOBI?
by Shlomo Hussein January 19, 2009
An operator who manipulates others by appealing to emotions, using visual and verbal hypnosis techniques to obviate discussion or analysis of the root causes of problems.
Ronald Reagan was the 'communicator,' the Bush child called himself 'the decider.' Barack Obama? The 'hoperator.'
by Shlomo Hussein January 22, 2009
A person who, perhaps despite intellect and accomplishments, languishes in a very low state of spiritual development.
Unfortunately today, as in Atlantis, advanced technological wonders, including those that threaten the future of the human race, remain in the control of spiritards.
by Shlomo Hussein January 19, 2009
government numbers, assumed to be fictitious
"Yes, I've seen the latest unemployment figures - but if you believe the govbers, I've got a bridge to sell you..."
by Shlomo Hussein April 04, 2009
Partial acronym from Jew, Israeli, and Zionist, with the ending from goyim. Although it refers to a group that pre-dates Zionism and the creation of Israel, the term serves as a useful historical bridge, and politically correct - if indeed contemptuous - way to refer to this domineering and arrogant non-semitic group.
What the Jizim have done to the Palestinians since occupying their land resembles nothing so much as the actions of Nazi Germany.
by Shlomo Hussein January 18, 2009

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