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CATDOG...the coldest tv show ever i mean damn yo he was my hero he was the coolest but cat was a abitch as trick cause he nwas mean 2 dog nd ate the fish dog had
CATDOG should b every1's hero
catdog is the coldest ever dont ever disrespect him
by Shizz Matic September 04, 2006
shoes that are bobo's.not any bobo's but like shoes u buy at like k-mart for like 6 dollars
Jahquell has those nasty ass shit clompers on everyday
by Shizz Matic August 19, 2006
when a women gets cumed(skeeted) on by like 5 guys
eww dont go with her,she got dunk in milk by like a billion guys
by Shizz Matic August 21, 2006
When A Man Fucks The Shit Out A Girl
Pudding Scored A 3 Pointer On A Dog Last Nite
by Shizz Matic August 19, 2006
a dude who fucks mens ass ass raped,ass ramed
dude ura fuckin ass ramer get the fuck outa here
by Shizz Matic August 21, 2006
PCP Does Terrible Things 2 U Personal Care Products R Not Used 4 Smokein But Used Ur God Damn Body
PCP fucked up tyler BADLY
by Shizz Matic August 27, 2006
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