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Fuck You, I'm A Dragon

Originated in some lame back-and-forth furry argument, but when you think about it, it's a good response to basically anything.
Bob: You need to have life insurance if you live in Massachusetts.
by Shii August 26, 2007
Exclamation. "DURRRR YOU'RE AN IDIOT."

Origin: Metafilter, 2005. "Hurf Durf Butter Eater" was the self description of the notorious Metafilter user U.N. Owen when she was complaining about how people called her fat when it wasn't her fault she was allergic to exercise. Used as an noun earlier (see other entries).
Arnold: I'm not leaving this place until I get my refund!
by Shii August 22, 2007
From the Fucking Article.

Derived from RTFA.
A: This isn't news, it's a parody
B: Where'd you see that
A: It's a quote FTFA. Second FUCKING paragraph.
by Shii October 25, 2007
Holy Jesus it is enormous. (Also "FUCKHUGE", "FUCKHUEG".)
55% of the $20 billion we spent rebuilding Iraq was spent on overhead while the developers sat in their offices doing nothing. Christ on a stick, that is some FUCKHUGE PORK.
by Shii October 25, 2006
Something that never officially happened.
MrVacBob: so what happened last weekend with you and martin?
Remilia: that didn't happen. black history dude
MrVacBob: it'll be february soon
Remilia: nope not even in february.
by Shii March 16, 2008

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