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JaTTz. Jatts are often hated by those who are unfortunate to be JaTT. JaTT is not a caste, but more of a race. More specifically these JaTT roots trace back to Aryan and Syncthian races. Jatts in comparison are modern day Blacks. They are often idolized, as a result mass number of haters and wannabez are born. JaTTz often lay the smack it down to any motherfucka that comes there way without a thought. Panchod ik gaal kadi, Jatt ney bara gallahn kadh nee ah...You can bring a whole fuckin' fauj (army), a Jatt will still fight by himself. There are mass haters of JaTTz. Why the hatred? Its quite simple, who wouldn't want to be a JaTT. If you haven't noticed, mostly every punjabi song contains the phrase "JaTT" this or "JaTT" that.
Kacherian Ch Mele Lag De, Jado Pehn Di Ah Tarikh Kisay JaTT Di.
by Sher Punjab Da August 13, 2005
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