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3 definitions by Shellbot1

After performing oral sex on a male, post "explosion", the female/male then proceeds to swish her/his finger in mouth pre-swallowing gathering a glob of cum and inserting finger into male's ear using a circular motion. Form of Wet Willy.
"My boyfriend went from blissful to irate after I gave him a wet spermy."

"Why is this guy using all my q-tips?!"
"This fool just got wet spermied!"
by Shellbot1 October 06, 2013
The sweaty wet stains on clothing in the underarm area, usually the scent of a skunk.
1)"Hey Carl, can I borrow some deodorant? I have a bad case of arm dew."

2)"Hey Bertha, will you dance with me?"

"No way! I don't want your arm dew all over me!"
by Shellbot1 October 07, 2013
That undescribable gross smell of an unclean female in the vaginal area. Possibly during menstrual cycle.
1)"Wow!! What is that fowl smell?!"

"My parents just had sex, it's brop!"

2)"Aunt Ellen, will you please remind me to buy douche today? I am starting to smell like brop down there."
by Shellbot1 October 07, 2013