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Those long strings that adhere to your hands when you open a banana are the makings of banana glue. Banana glue is almost always found on a table top or counter after breakfast. Once these long strings have dried all day or over night it is impossible to remove them and they will be a permanent part of the table top. No amount of scrubbing will remove them. You will learn to to use it in many ways once you have mastered the art of removing it.
Sue: What is this this brown strip on our counter?
Bill: That is the banana glue that I am making to use when I hang the poster in the den. I will either use it when I have enough for that or to patch the car seats where the cat ripped them on the last trip to the Vet.
by ShelCeleste August 28, 2010
This is a life event which is beyond your wildest dreams. The even will change your life forever and you will never be the same or see life in the way you had before this happened to you.
I got the astroriffic job of my dreams and they called me in for the interview just as I was picking up the phone to call them. Can you believe it?
by ShelCeleste August 17, 2010
A Binkyberry is a person, who can not live without their smart phone. It goes to work with them, to bed with them, they look at it constantly even during a conversation or at dinner. Everyone remembers their binky. It was the blanket or shred of what was left of their very first baby blanket. This was something they almost took to kindergarten with them.
She/he almost left for work with out their keys, wallet or purse. She/he did have their smart phone though and had to go back home for the other items they left behind. They certainly had their Binkyberry though.
by ShelCeleste August 14, 2010
N. When a person is totally satisfied with a close and intimate encounter with a loved one.
Sasha: I had such sexafaction last night with Bob. I am so glad I married him.
Zoe: I wish I could find a good man like yours!
by ShelCeleste March 19, 2011
A person who is basically simple. Who understands time and life in an analog manner, but who is now trapped in a digital age.
A analogically digital person is one who now an out of place person, old fashioned about time, media disabled, simple clock faces, frustrated with speed.
by shelceleste September 20, 2010
Information which is given out as though it was real and have some basis of truth to it.
He rambles on and on with the most meaninglessfaqs. I am can never tell when he is pulling my leg or telling the truth.
by shelceleste September 16, 2010
Not unlike the religious group by a similar name this word came into general use as more and more people searched for a term to describe their inner most trusted friends. This was done outside their circle or mere acquaintances. A trustafarian has gained your love and more importantly your trust over the years and through many different situations. These are the people you can count on the most, who will never let you down.
Sonia is my friend who is also my trustafarian. We share ideals, our thoughts, hopes and dreams. She would never betray my confidence. I trust her implicitly.
by ShelCeleste August 07, 2010

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