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Arabic origins, other dialects pronounce it magnoon, it literally means "crazy" as in mentally ill, but has been extended in the vernacular to include something that's fucked up, crazy, or unbelievable.
Did you see the crane falling from the roof? That shit was majnoon!


That bitch is majnoon, running around the streets yelling expletives at random strangers.
by ShayaKNYC May 05, 2008
When you have a lot of chores to do, but you finish them all and that cathartic feeling you get afterward is a chorgasm.
I had SUCH a chorgasm, my apartment was such a mess that I spent 3 hours cleaning it and now it's spotless.
by ShayaKNYC March 04, 2008
To bring a friend or family member on a date to sit there and spy on you while you're on the date without either one of you acknowledging that you know the other.
My sister was on an espionage date with me while I met up with my blind date so we can analyze it later.
by ShayaKNYC December 28, 2008
Synonym for douche. A funny way of calling someone an asshole or is generally unpleasant in their behavior.
WTF?! Alex is sucha fucking pussy irrigator!
by ShayaKNYC January 23, 2009
When you have to pee, the intensity of the need increases exponentially as you get closer to the bathroom.
I was like 2 seconds from opening the bathroom door and the pee gravity almost made me piss myself.
by shayaknyc August 16, 2012
Also known as HTP. When you bring a bunch of gay boys (usually newly out of the closet) together to spend the weekend with each other, what inevitably ensues is that everyone hooks up with each other over the course of the weekend, ensuring that if anyone suffers from Herpes, they'll be transmitting it to everyone else in the group who engaged in hooking up.
Guy 1: Hey, why don't you come over this weekend? John, Mike, Hunter and Lance will be there. You know, we'll be "hanging out."

Guy 2: Thanks for the Herpes Transmission Party invitation, but I'd like to remain disease free for now...besides, I'm not into all those guys.
by shayaknyc August 16, 2012
A concatenation of "yesterday," "today" and "tomorrow," indicating a specific period of time where it's so late that it's technically the next day (past midnight) but in your head it's still "today" even though you're discussing (technically) yesterday.
Guy: I remember discussing it yestdayrow with Charlotte.
Girl: Which yestdayrow?
Guy: The one that just passed...
Girl: Ohh...
by ShayaKNYC September 04, 2008

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