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The most funny game to ever come to N64 and the gaming community as a whole (Goldeneye might be a bit better and just a little bit). It has movie parodies of the following films:-

-Full Metal Jacket
-Terminator (2)
-Saving Private Ryan
-Some vampire thingy with Keanu Reeves
-some goodfellas rip off (the wasps....you know what i mean)
-and so many many more

Everyone ((greystation/blackstation 2 that makes some dumb noise)fans)was expecting this to be a Banjo Kazzooie knock off but they got donkey punched
Normal Person:-hey have you ever played Conker's Bad Fur Day on N64 or even Xbox live?

some playstation fan:-its 4 wusses i like GTA because i am a clone and go into a dream like state when i play.......moannnnnnnnnn..

Normal Person:- wow you are very open minded....
by Sharpy69 December 03, 2006
1. Ok so take one of those face huggers from aliens. scale down their size. make them more agile and more evil. that my friend is a camel spider.
Lt. Ripley:- Get away from her you bitch!!!!! *throws camel spider into space* (its so bad it doesn't die)
by Sharpy69 December 03, 2006
The only way to tax on love.

Men are obviously taxed more heavily than women, sometimes have to completely subsidise some women's Valentine's Tax because they are beautiful women, and you are only a man.
Wow I'm so glad I won't get taxed by the Inland Revenue's Hallmark wing on valentine's day, I'm all out of girls to wine and dine and give dumb gifts.
by Sharpy69 February 16, 2007
A nick name of the original PlayStation.

Extremely boring piece of junk.

It had no where near the level of expertise in first person Shooters like the N64. Its hacks at 3rd person shooters almost induced a stroke due to its pure shitness. Any sports games had such poor graphics it can look like a box Dennis Bergkamp (which has much resmembleance as my dick to a white Flake chocolate) kicking a box into a box goal. Super mario and Conker raped Spyro's endless appearances.
Normal Person:- Oh goody mike has a Grey Station...

Mike:- no its playstation you silly goose

Normal Person:- I will take a giant shit on you if you call me a silly goose one more time you filthy little faggot.

Mike:- Oh nole i wasted my money now i must kill myself.

by Sharpy69 December 04, 2006
it supposedly causes cancer and fertiality problems and blah blah blah.

Lets face it non smoker's die more than smokers.


Coz there are more non smoker's than smokers and non smokers die all the time.

Therefore smoking is good for your health.
This pro-smoking was brought to you by Benson&Hedges.

The finer way to smoke.
by Sharpy69 December 10, 2006
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