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Taking magic mushrooms with ecstacy - the mushrooms cause the taker to trip out, and the ecstacy makes sure they have a good trip.

Sometimes used to try to sort out someone having a bad trip on mushrooms, if there's no hope of bringing them down quickly - giving them half a pill effectively drenches the brain in seratonin, so whatever happens on the trip they're fairly cheerful about it (and because they're so happy, the trip generally turns into a good one).

Not, obviously, that this is necessarily advised (or adviseable) unless the person is compos-mentis enough to realise what's going on, and experienced enough that mixing drugs isn't going to phase them.
Oh man, I had a great candy trip last night.

Jimmy freaked out on mushrooms, so Bob gave him half a pill to candy-trip him out of it.
by Shaper August 26, 2004
Oversized demonic wasps, apparently poisonous, on the anime "Inuyasha", their name there explained as meaning "insects of hell."
"This hive contains the saimyousho, the insects of hell."
-Narku on 'Inuyasha' ask an otaku which episode.
by Shaper January 17, 2004
1. Massive waves sometimes up to a thousand feet high caused by undersea earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

-From Japanese, port (tsu) wave (nami).

2. A large, unstopable force.

3. A character on the popular anime "Tenchi Muyo!"
"Schismatrix" is a tsunami of imagination (actual review).
by Shaper January 19, 2004

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