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Personal success philosophy based on the observations that

a) any g-rated women-seeking-men Craigslist ad will be met with dozens and dozens of e-mails that are just penis pics, and

b) a "real" email will automatically be better received than the penises.

The wisdom of observation is that a little effort will automatically put you ahead of all the idiots. From personal finance blogger Ramit Sethi.
According to the Craigslist Penis Effect, wearing khakis, not sweatpants, to the fleamarket will make you super stylish by comparison.
by Shanthrax138 February 18, 2010
Buying official Glenn Danzig albums, tickets or merchandise to offset the guilt felt from buying new Misfits concert tickets or logo items; trying to lessen the injustice of Misfits fans patronizing the legal yet undeserving owners of the Misfits trademarks, Jerry Only and Doyle.
I really want these Crimson Ghost sneakers from Hot Topic even though it sickens me that Jerry Only will get the profits- so I'll buy a few things from Danzig's website for Danzig balancing.
by Shanthrax138 September 09, 2010
The stressful state of having taking on two many group projects and committee roles. Variation of "over-committed."
Mary signed up to head the website redesign, help plan the holiday party and chair the fall fundraiser committee. Now she's so overcommitteed I think she's going to have a nervous breakdown.
by Shanthrax138 October 29, 2009
Attending college primarily to live off of student loan funds. The motivation for a poor person to become a professional student.
My parents are proud I'm going back to college for my masters degree, but the truth is that I can't find a job and am going on academic welfare.
by Shanthrax138 April 27, 2010
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