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3 definitions by Shaniqua of Chap3l

A mixture between being Fat and Hench (muscular.) Fench could also mean 'beefy' or 'chunky' perhaps.
Oh my god! That rugby player is so Fench!
by Shaniqua of Chap3l September 03, 2012
An adjective to describe Short, Chubby people or objects.
'Oh ma dayz that bwoi is so chodey! hes like 5 ft 5 and really fat!'
by Shaniqua of Chap3l September 14, 2012
A mixture between being Skinny and Hench (muscular.)

Skench people are thin but have defined muscles on top, but are not bulky in appearance.
'OMG, that indie guy is SO skench, he's my perfect type!'
by Shaniqua of Chap3l January 10, 2013