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When a man gets up in the morning to urinate after a night of sexual intercourse or masturbation and the urine goes opposite ways not hitting the toilet bowl but the wall, floor, or trash can.
Kurt Warner: Dude, when I used the John, I had a pair of "Pee Skis" !!(Throws touch down.)

Gary Busey: Go clean it up you fuckin' asshole !! And quit whackin' off in my house !!
by Shaners iroc April 22, 2010
Ones house(Possibly yours...?) or general area that has little to no cell signal.
Shere Khan(Yes, from Talespin.): This place is such a f*cking Cell Hole! I can't get one damn bar on my Motorola MicroTAC 9800X!?

Kevin Sorbo: Well it's not my fault I had to move back to my parents basement, you should of spent less time molesting Kit Cloudkicker more time with me and Eolis pushing the VHS box set of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys...

Shere Khan: Whelp, I can't argue with facts.
by Shaners iroc January 28, 2011
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