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111 definitions by Shane

Same as Indoor Sledding except that the woman keeps her pants on.
Outdoor Sledding satisfied her alright.
by shane November 13, 2003
to not clean a portion of one's face with soap and water.
"I'll never wash my cheek" I said, after being kissed by a girl I have a crush one.
by Shane September 22, 2003
somone's specialty... what they do best
Jimmy is a natural at basketball, it must be his crackers and mustard.
by shane February 17, 2005
A developed talent or ability
Went to do something that is technical and interesting way of working something out
by Shane February 05, 2005
a buddy you listen to country music with and at the same time talk to them on AIM
kelsey: hey we should be country buddies
cal: we totally should!
by shane September 03, 2004
karl mellan
jesus! karl mellan has one fuckin mullet! do you feed that thing?
by shane March 23, 2004
As in the way of The Hit BlockBuster,

The Terminator

in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played the evil robot that helped destroy a civilization, then went good in the sequel, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been elected for Governor of California.

As the Governor, Mr. Schwarzenegger hopes to reenact his role by destroying the state of california, then rebuilding it when he is re elected, for his stunning 10-pack abs. People will hten recognize him as the hero, but for now hes just...

Wow, The Governator really brought us down, but now that hes brought us back up, i really enjoy his great 10-pack abs.
by Shane December 14, 2003