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111 definitions by Shane

European manufacture of glued together airplanes (composites). Their latest jet the A380 carries up to 800-some people. boeingthus, is the schiznit cuz it made the 777! YEA-AH! But, Airbus is cool too.
I'm scheduled on an Airbus A319 today. (Note to self: bring glue).
by Shane February 19, 2005
210 104
A definition which translates directly as "the police are on the block." Usually used when trying to announce publicly to run away, since the cops are "on your tail"
"Woot-Woot! (Imitation of Police Sirens) The block is hot!"
by Shane March 25, 2003
103 13
I Gotz Lotz OF Chips
by shane June 18, 2003
195 111
Shitty (from "kaka"); beshitted
I can't work in this verkakte chair.
by Shane February 19, 2004
87 21
Breasticles, taa taa's, boobs, mans toys
Damn you see them girls hooters??
by Shane September 28, 2004
113 66
go balls to the wall, don't stop rocking.
when in doubt just give'r
by Shane December 20, 2002
46 6
Slang for a penis or litrerally sausage made of duck meat.
Do you like duck sausage? Well then, duck down and get you some.
by Shane April 01, 2004
67 29