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some one who is council housed (rent a house off the local council). the term councy has become a general insult for anyone who is poor. the plural is "councies" and the collective term is "mugging" i.e. a mugging of councies
HAHA! shandeese a councy! if only she didnt have a drug problem and 6 kids at the age of 13

i dont like the smell of that large mugging if councies over there!
#mugging #councer #council #counce #counced
by Shalahabaloo January 11, 2007
a slang term for sphinkter. for some body to pass your red gate is to be bummed
"dennis passed my red gate last night, bloody magic!"
#sphinkter #bummed #bum #dennis #bugger
by Shalahabaloo January 11, 2007
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