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3 definitions by ShadowsFallAreGods

The beastly vocalist of thrash metal band Shadows Fall. Doesn't need very much effort to command a crowd with his voice. Just to hear him say "get those fucking horns up" is enough to make you get those fucking horns up!!!!
And his screaming is so damn awesome you will nut when you hear it.
And those dreads are fucking SWEET!
Guy 1: Dude, have you listened to Shadows Fall?
Guy 2: HELL YEAH! Brian Fair is a mother fucking beast!
Guy 1: I know!!!!
Guy 2 : Wish I could be him.
Guy1: Especially with the dreads.
by ShadowsFallAreGods June 06, 2009
8 1
The biggest dump you will ever take in your life, presumably one that takes an hour to squeeze out.
Guy: (to his buddy) dude, I gotta go home.
Friend: What for?
Guy: I gotta hit the bathroom. I gotta huge shitment on the way.
by ShadowsFallAreGods October 17, 2009
2 1
Form of sexual roleplay achieved by using the internet
RP Nerd 1: Dude, I just had the best internetcourse last night!
RP Nerd 2: How hot was it?
RP Nerd 1: Let's just say my red walls are now white
RP Nerd 2: Awesome!
by ShadowsFallAreGods October 17, 2009
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