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5 definitions by Shadowfyoory

A large chaos peon from Warcraft who originated from the tremendous amount of pwnage from a simultaneous occurrence of a tournament melee competition in Warcraft and a CAL Counter-Strike tournament. This divinity is held to be the god of computer games and is worshipped by all who understand pwn.
Bob: Wow, Steve, you're doing great aganist me in this game.
Steve: stfu ful3 d0n't m4k3 m3 c4ll PWN on j00
by Shadowfyoory November 04, 2004
16 10
Short for Assassin, a character in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction characterized by using stationary traps to kill enemies then run. Generally regarded with a mixture of fear and disgust unless of the martial arts variety, which is rare.
"hey dude can you get your asn i want to tg this nking mofo we finally got down"
by Shadowfyoory April 04, 2004
14 13
Fictitious gangsta term used only by homies on the West Side of Brownsville who are not aware if Harlem residents actually use the term or not. Refers to when a bullet is shot at the top of the head, grazing the victim's scalp and leaving him/her bald.
"Ya'll better not mess wit Juan; I hear he gave Martin a Harlem Haircut after he messed wit his sista."
by Shadowfyoory April 04, 2004
4 13
Short for Town Guard, which can be used for NKing. Used in Diablo II when someone waits directly outside town to kill you as soon as you come out, not giving you a chance to counterattack or defend yourself. Commonly used TG spells include: Lightning Sentry, Blizzard, Fist of the Heavens, Multiple Shot, and various Area of Effect abilities.
"watch out sorc tging w/ bliz"
by Shadowfyoory April 04, 2004
14 37
The western section of Brownsville, where the homies live up the dizzy day and cap dirties like it ain't no lie. Sign is formed by flattening hands into "karate chop" position and then extending the thumbs at 90-degree angles. The thumbs are hooked and a "W" is formed, similar to Wu Tang.
NOTE: Extremely dangerous to enter for anyone more than 5% Caucasian.
Watch out for Umberto, dawg...he's from the West Side.
*flashes hand signal* WEST SIDE! *runs*
by Shadowfyoory April 04, 2004
33 73