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Someone in your group of friends thats very short in height, yet very commanding, demanding and violent; they always want it their way.
example 1
Kevin: "So, are you still dating that girl?"
Matt: "Oh, u mean Midget Hitler? Yeah... Dude, she made me wash her car yesterday!"

example 2
Maria: "Is their anyone else coming to the party?"
Dean: "I dunno. I was gonna invite my Midget Hilter, but then I decided not to. I don't want you guys getting beat to death."
by Shadow_Caster May 21, 2010
A highly contagious desease, spreadible though sound; mostly music. For each individual, catching this desease varies by song or sound. Since most parents are not up-to-date on modern music, they might get Ear AIDS from many hit arists, like Ke$ha, B.o.B, 3OH!3, etc. Kids, on the other hand, are so up-to-date. They might catch Ear AIDS from old artists, like Bruce Springstein, Johnny Cash, Madonna, etc.

WARNING: The number one source for Ear AIDS (Adult, or Child) is Justin Beiber.
Dad: Damnit, son, I told you to turn that shit off! It's giving me Ear AIDS!
Son: STFU, Dad! It's Linkin Park!

Person 1: Awwww, this little girl is such a great singer.
by Shadow_Caster June 18, 2010
a phrase that abbreviates the word totally.
yeah i agree, totes.
by Shadow_Caster November 20, 2010
A term for describing hardcore gamers. Somewhat similar to Button Masher, however, they are pretty experienced at video games. They usually play for long periods of time, most of the time, its nonstop (hence "red thumbs"). The term works better with gamers who play on consoles such as the PS3, XBox 360, Nintendo DS or any retro console (Genesis, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Game Boy, etc.). Gamers playing on motion-controlled consoles (Wii, iPod Touch, etc.) really aren't included in this term.

Revolved from the term Green Thumb, someone who's good with planting flowers.
Pete: "Man, how'd u get so freakin good at COD?"
Randall: "I got Red Thumb(s), man. I've been playin all day!"
by Shadow_Caster May 28, 2010
A stupid, yet, somewhat funny response to a question someone would ask, like "what should I do now?"

A phrase in the game "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity", where, in the first cutscene, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are being chased by robots. Knuckles asks "What should we do now?", with Sonic looking around then saying "THAT ELEVATOR!", as he finds a place to hideout fron the robots.
Jack: "DAMNIT! i think i dropped my wallet... What should i do now!!"
by Shadow_Caster June 17, 2010
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