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The Potterhead's version of 'I love you'. Seven, being the most powerful magical number in the Harry Potter series, is used as a substitute for the number three.
Potterhead: <7
Muggle: Isn't it <3?
Potterhead: No, it's <7. Muggles these days...
by ShadowXCar November 23, 2011
The shortened version of 'fucked over'.
Oh man, I am so fover right now!
by ShadowXCar March 04, 2011
Similar to Movember, it is the act of growing a beard in November. People grow a beard throughout the month and compare them to others beards.
I'm going to grow the bushiest beard ever this Bovember...
by ShadowXCar November 24, 2011
Someone who is very brave. Originated from an episode of Ray William Johnson/Equals Three.
That is by far the ballsiest cat I have ever seen!
by ShadowXCar November 16, 2010

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