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Stylized as =3, this popular YouTube web show is hosted by Ray William Johnson, a guy living in NYC that looks like a midget raccoon with guido hair. Ray William Johnson hosts it and analyzes (usually making fun of) three viral web videos, and then concludes the show with a question from a usually random viewer (usually a hot chick), and then a montage of creative responses members of the "forum" (video viewers with YouTube accounts) replied to in response to the question presented in the previous video. So basically, it's like Tosh.0 but not as well-funded. It has grown to become one of YouTube's most subscribed shows, and has also spurred many different jokes. Some of these jokes include squaids, two camels in a tiny car, fake and gay among others. New videos usually pop up every Sunday and Wednesday nights, but sometimes there's exceptions.
Hey forum, welcome to another episode of Equals Three do you guys wanna see this fidgety-ass dog rave?
Man that dog is so crazy, maybe he has squaids?
Or maybe he's doing your mom?
I'm kidding, forum, I really liked the video but it turned out like over 9,000 views in the past six months no wonder it's so your mom.
by JimboWales August 17, 2010
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