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A common, mental and physical disease that appears after not playing Super Smash Bro's Brawl. Symptoms include: Shortness of breath when near a Wii, Shaking, Chills, Hands May Stiffen when others r using Wii for rock band instead of Brawl. Brawl Withdrawal Can be severe, so stop it early by playing Brawl.
Michael kills at Brawl, but when he started playing Guitar Hero III he started to show symptoms of Brawl Withdrawal.
#withbrawl #super smash bro's brawl #disbrawl #brawl withdrawl #ferawl
by ShadowSoldier August 09, 2008
Also seen as wflpwnd. (1)It is used to describe pwnage so severe that the person receiving the pwn now looks like a waffle.
(2)Major Pwnage in which person feels as if they have several indents in there body, like a waffle.
(1)As Timmy was playin COD4 he said "OMG noobzars, i am about bout to wflpwn you all!"

Proper way: I just Waffle Pwnd a bunch of nubs, on DotA!
#gaming termonology #wflpwn #waffffle pown #pwn #ownd #noob
by ShadowSoldier August 09, 2008
(1)Past tense of forfeit. (2) Giving Up, a while ago. (3)Quitting in the past.
Johnny came to school with Brawl Withdrawal. When we asked him how he got it, he said it's because he forfat the match last night and couldn't go on.
#forfeit #cry #perserverience #time travel #quit #give-up
by ShadowSoldier August 09, 2008
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