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2 definitions by ShadowParadox

A show about a girl named Robin Sena who moved to Japan from an Italian Monestary (sp?). She has the ability of Pyrokinesis - The Ability to light fires with her mind - (also known as "the craft)" and she joins a group known as STN. This group hunts witches, but does not kill them. They are sent to "Factory." The gothic look and episodic style of anime is quite intruiging!
Dude: *yawn* "I was up late watching Witch Hunter Robin yesterday..."

Dude2: "I know it's good, but your grades are dropping!"
by ShadowParadox April 22, 2006
Short form of "Probably."
Can also be used as "Probs not."
Guy 1: "I'll probs go to the movies on Saturday. How 'bout you?"

Guy 2: "Probs not."
by Shadowparadox August 22, 2007