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to get beat by a tremendous amount. to get completely owned and to not even realize what happen. to get maliciously powned and get left broken and sorrowed.
Adam: What just happened? Did I just get owned that bad?

Aaron: You didn't just get owned, you got Mcgrewed. That is even worse. Don't ever show your face around here again, you are a disgrace!

Adam: whaaaaaa? (continuous crying and sobbing)
by Shades McGrew October 06, 2005
a term that describes the highest form of idiocracy.
Normally used when someone does something so stupid, you can't even belive it.
J. Embry: hey you guys, watch me do this super good break
move. CRASH (some form of accident)

Aaron: What a freakin moron, what kind of a person are you?
Oh wait, I know, you are a freakin hosebeast!

J. Embry: you are right! (walks away in shame.)
by Shades McGrew October 06, 2005
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