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Literally getting a skateboard shoved up your anus.

Common examples include a skater attempting a trick off of a:
stair set, ledge, rail, or anything else high enough to rip your balls off, and ends up getting blasted in the: nuts, rectum, scrotum, taint, etc.

So basically your a little wiener impaled by stick. (just like a cordog).

Now all you need is a little mustard.
cool guy: wo what happend to you.

corndog: oh ya i got corndoged trying to frontside flip this 12 set.

cool guy: wow that sucks.

corndog: ya i gotta scar look...

cool guy: we're not friends anymore.
by Shad Barley March 10, 2008
The act of pooping in the process of a toot.
Fag: Ha Ha dude watch this.

Other Fag: What dude.

Fag: ptttt(oh crap)I just pooted!!!

Other Fag: Awsome!!!
by Shad Barley March 09, 2008
another name for an abnormally small wang
dude i saw jimmy in the showers, hes a freakin ground hog.
by Shad Barley March 09, 2008

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