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A list of random crap that people who call themselves 'authorities' or 'authoritative' such as teachers, parents etc. These 'rules' just state things these 'authoraties' wish you would listen/do. But its a free country, so really, you could break every single 'rule' you want to. (except normally there's a punishment like...idk going to jail for...life)
Teacher: Now, Johhny, didn't you read my RULE BOOK?
Johnny: pshh no. thats just some random crap.
Teacher: JOHNYY! HOW DARE YOU! CRAP IS A BADDDD WORD! If you read the rules you would have known.
Johnny: Its the usa. CRAP CRAP CRAP %$&&*%$#
Teacher gasps: Go to the principles office. NOW!
by Shabbalabadingdong February 20, 2009

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