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To take in by elaborate methods of deceit; hoodwink.
Screwed With.
"I've been Bamboozeled"
Richard Hatch following being voted at Tribal Council - Survivor All Stars
by Shaaaaper February 27, 2004
To take a runny dump with zero warning. When your bowels yell out "Liquidate!!".
You have to crap right now, no matter where you may be; on the street, in the car, in a meeting.. you get the picture.
Usually the result of bad sushi or asian food in general.
Ass wipe is not a luxury, so a sock is usually sacrificed to do the job.
Oh man, check it out! Buddy's in the bushes cranking out a Queen Mary! Ha ha.. he must have had some bad chinese. I bet he would pay big bucks for some toilet paper about now..
by Shaaaaper February 27, 2004
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