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To get screwed. To draw the shortest Straw.
Sohal got bamboozeled when the cop pulled him over for going 5 miles over the posted speed limit.
by Akhil Patel September 29, 2006
To take in by elaborate methods of deceit; hoodwink.
Screwed With.
"I've been Bamboozeled"
Richard Hatch following being voted at Tribal Council - Survivor All Stars
by Shaaaaper February 27, 2004
1) you have just been robbed
2) you have just been tricked
3) you have just been done wrong
1) man sumbodee just broke in my house and stole all my stuff.... it appears to me you have just been bamboozeled
2) yeah i know i said i was going to pay you... it appears to me you have just been bamboozeled
3) why did you just fart in my face... it appears to me that you have just been bamboozeled
by EDDIE B December 27, 2004
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