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Caggot is a cross between "Cat" and "Faggot". Its basically a guy who is tupidly convinced to don Cat ears and a tail for the promise of pussy from a chick on the internet. But then those pics are leaked.
"Wow Jon Hillstrom, you are such a Caggot"
by Seymour Van Dors October 10, 2014
A person who makes absolutely zilch effort on their looks. With a bit of effort anyone can look hugely better but these people are completely disinterested.
Look ate Catweazel over there, is he completely Mirror Phobic?
by Seymour Van Dors February 26, 2012
Is a woman who isnt partial to who she gives a handjob to. She may have issues with penetrative or oral sex but deep down is a slapper. She may even be holding onto her virginity for any number of reasons but you know once she is "broken in" she will go like an express train.
Did you fuck Bridget last night?
No, she cracked me off.
The Bitch did the same with me too, fucking wankslag.
by Seymour Van Dors August 27, 2011
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