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The standard series of rifles used by the British Armed Forces. Not actually one weapon but 3 - SA80 IW (Individual Weapon), SA80 LSW (Light Support Weapon), SA80 Cadet GP (Cadet General Purpose).

A fairly revolutionary design for its time - the first bullpup that was actually usable. One of the most accurate rifles of the world according to NATO trials.

Its proved itself in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and on various over operations that the British Army has been on.

People generally say this rifle is worst then it is. It is now a pleasure to fire. It was very bad with several problems - all sinse have been sorted out. (By H&K) The people who say the gun is bad generally are "armchair operators" and have no actuall experiance.
My SA80 could outperform your M4 or your FAMAS.
by Sexeh January 18, 2006
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