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1) A certain colour of hair

2) A stereotype- taken as either an insult or compliment- Positive and Negative ways:

Negative (said by non-blondes): meaning a highly unintelligent, hyperactive, annoying, loud, generally self-loving and arrogant 'person'.

Positive (usually said by themselves, sometimes with regular spelling and/or grammer errors): More intelligent than non-blondes, More sexy than non-blondes, Bigger breasts (if female) than non-blondes, more of a fun life than non-blondes, generally better people than non-blondes.

Although obviously I myself am a non-blonde and have prejudice towards them, that dosen't change the fact that:
both ways are wrong. It's just a hair colour, it dosen't make anyone more or less intelligent, more or less 'sexy', have smaller or bigger breasts, or anything. Indeed many people may find 'blondes' more attractive, but that's just their taste- i myself do not.
"Im blonde wich means im more sexy than u and have got bigger boobs 2 and am more inteligant than u"
"No, it just means you have blonde hair. The fact that you think it makes you those things is what makes you stupid"

"hahaha a blonde she looks so thick"
"Actually i know her- she's quite intelligent"

"ur blonde, ur sexy, u have big boobs i bet, can i c them ;)"
"um... who do you think i am? not a chance!, f**k off!"
by Sevannah August 11, 2004
A 'word' some people use when they are often bored and cannot think of anything else to say, or simply a way of trying to continue a somewhat dead conversation. Is often followed by similar words.
Mainly used through internet-based text chat.
im bored.
by Sevannah May 23, 2004

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