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Host of Dateline NBC's "To Catch a Predator" series and all around badass. Utters famous lines like "Take a seat", and "That's not what you wrote on the transcript" to embarrass pedophiles on national TV.

It is often said that emperors would pay entire bounties of gold to have even an ounce of the charisma he has.
No need to fear, mothers of America, Chris Hansen is there.
#chris #hansen #dateline nbc #to catch a predator #pedophile
by Seth Einus October 31, 2007
Pimp based in San Fierro in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Has an odd lack of class for a Pimp, and hires CJ as his lackey.

Is part of a large drug scheme known as the Loco Syndicate and works closely with T-Bone Mendez and Toreno.
I wanted to do some missions, so I went to see Jizzy B at the Pleasure Dome.
#jizzy #pimp #grand theft auto #san andreas #pimpmobile
by Seth Einus November 17, 2007
To have a dog-like addiction to tittles.
Damn, that girl had some nice tittles! I thought I was going to go Tittles and Bits!
#tittles #bits #tits #tiddles #titties
by Seth Einus October 29, 2007
One, who while playing Halo 3 via Xbox Live, is so terrible in combat that they rely on throwing grenades randomly at their opponent, much like a chimp throwing feces. Also have a tendency to jump around randomly in the air, much like a mad primate.

Are often taken out with a good ol' smack to the head.
Oh man, that Slayer match on Sandtrap last night was so easy. There was this one Master Chimp I killed like 15 times!
#master chief #halo 3 #chimp #feces #xbox 360
by Seth Einus October 26, 2007
What Blu-Ray fans/fanboys get when they feel they can't wait for sales numbers and ratios to prove that their format is moving more software than HD-DVD.
Oh man, before I saw that Blu-Ray was winning by a slight lead in a niche market, I had mad Blu-Balls!
#blu-ray #blu #balls #blue #fanboy
by Seth Einus November 16, 2007
A woman that by the age of 25 has had 2 kids, the rise and fall of her singing career, a divorce, and a midlife crisis shamelessly exploited by the media elite.
Britney Spears-The woman who looks 20 years older than she really is.
#britney spears #blecch #spears #britney #bimbo
by Seth Einus June 26, 2007
What would otherwise be another crappy American frat film made funny by the hilarious German accents, excessive nudity, and memorable beer games.

Beerfest was filmed in Albuquerque and had a budget of 12 million dollars. The movie grossed 19 million overall, making it a small box office success.

A sequel, Potfest, was made into a joke at the end of the movie, but was soon demanded by fans of the frat flick. The creators did not feel that the film was financially successful enough to warrant a sequel, and said that it was likely to be a cartoon (due to the lower budget a cartoon would require).

The movie's infamous "Das Boot" has become a fan favorite and hell, if you can find someone who actually saw the movie, it makes for a good chuckle.
I nearly wanted to claw my eyes out watching these stereotypical frat guys make vulgar jokes, but then watched in glee as the German drinking team cooked up another devious plan.

When I saw Beerfest, there was only 1 other guy in the theater.
#beerfest #frat #beer #deutsch #das boot
by Seth Einus June 25, 2007
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