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A drawing game on Shockwave where horny 11-year-old girls and 45-year-old pedophiles take turns guessing what other players are drawing. Points are awarded to both the drawer and the guesser depending on how quickly the word is correctly guessed. Inklink has a whisper system that allows players to send private messages to one another. The game has a great concept, but is ruined by people refusing to draw because they are so busy jerking their meat. The people that actually do play usually just spell out the word instead of drawing it. The game censor itself fails because it doesn't censor the word "dick" but does censor the word "peacock," even though the game sometimes tells you to draw a peacock.
( A usual game of Inklink )

*Joins game*

RupescapeKing101 gets the word "tree" but is too fucking stupid to draw it and just spells it out.

Moments later, I get a whisper asking "ASL." I ignore it.

Then, HoLLisTeRbAbee98 joins the room...

HoLLisTeRbAbee98: hey guyzzz im liek so horneey any1 want 2 cybur?

GrandpaJoe57: Sure bb i'll send you a whisper :)

Me: Shut the fuck up and play the damn game!

*Gets booted from game*

Way to go Shockwave, you created yet another shit game.
#charades #shockwave #fuck up #pedophile #game
by ServiceWithaSmile March 21, 2009
A brand of outdated jokes that are still told by ignorant fucktards. Anyone found telling these jokes are to be immediately dazed by pepper spray, assfucked by a homeless bum, and fight Chuck Norris to the death.
Yo mama is so fat, when she stepped on a scale, her acceleration from rest resulted in a force between the two conductors of 6.0 to bi-tensor com-flex 23 newtons-per-minute and the magnetic flex around the closed curve was proportional to the algebraic sum of electric currents flowing through that closed curve.
#mama #yo mama joke protest #fucktard #assmunch #outdated
by ServiceWithaSmile March 21, 2009
A type of weed that doesn't exist. Dealers usually try to sell their shitty schwag by giving it this wonderful name. Chocolate Thai exists but Chocolate Haze doesn't.
Matt: Hey man, you got some chronic?

Dealer: No man, but I got this stuff called Chocolate Haze!

Matt: You mean like Chocolate Thai?

Dealer: No man! This is so fucking potent! I smoked some and I was high for like 6 hours!!

Matt: Holy shit! How much for an ounce?

Dealer: I usually charge $650 for an ounce, but I'll sell to you for $400!!

Matt buys an ounce and tells his friends. They laugh and tell him he got ripped. He is later sent to jail for being a FUCKING IDIOT and gets assraped every night.
#schwag #weed #santa claus #easter bunny #dumbass #marijuana
by ServiceWithaSmile March 21, 2009
The latest gaming console by Nintendo as of now. Wii allows gamers to point the controller at the screen to aim and swing the controller to attack. These consoles are EXTREMELY rare (it took me two weeks to find one) so they sell pretty high on Ebay. After its release, Nintendo fans rushed to buy it but Xbox and Playstation users proceeded to make fun of the console, sparking such jokes as "hey man want to play with my Wii?" and "All this gaming makes me Wii-tarded."
The Wii is a fun console if your pointer works correctly.
#nintendo #zelda #console #game #sensor
by ServiceWithaSmile March 21, 2009
The STDs of porn.
Johnny wanted to look at some porn, but he didn't have any protection (anti-virus). Now, his computer has malware.
#std #dirty #condom #anti-virus #slut #whore
by ServiceWithaSmile June 03, 2009
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