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A terrible event where a person gets so drunk, usually from stealing Joel's vodka, then decide it is a good idea to start emptying their bowels all around the house. Ruined couches, carpet and beding is not the worst of it. When mommy finds said person naked in the closet covered in feces, yeah that's gonna top it all off.
OMG Did you hear about Scott pulling a Poopy Presty last night? He's never gonna live that one down. OWND!!!
by serotonin November 10, 2006
ClanFuQ is an organization founded in 1999. Located on the gamesurge irc network in #clanfuq. The catch prase for said channel is "Drama all the time".
FROM: irc.gamesurge.net #clanfuq

<RmAgDn> owchies?
<RmAgDn> owchies is when you and yer buddy crank it up in yer garage till 530am.
<RmAgDn> sigh mf sigh
<ryanWRK> lmao
<RmAgDn> me and wes got fuqn owned
<RmAgDn> -_-
<ryanWRK> did you hold dicks?
<ryanWRK> rofl
<RmAgDn> i tried to....
<ryanWRK> rofl!
by serotonin October 17, 2006
Mix between a yamaka and a bra. On each breast cup there is a traditional yamaka with the star of David embroidered onto it.
Chick 1: DUDE what a slut, she only wore a bra to school today.
Guy 1: Buzz off, that's not a bra, that's a yamabra-it's a part of the Jewish religion
by Serotonin December 10, 2013
When someone puts their bare butt up on someone's face. Preferably when they are passed out from partying.
LOL, everyone look, Wes was cheeked by Steve again!
by serotonin April 05, 2006
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