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1. A parodical version of Doc Ock from spiderman created by Dominic Fera. Dr Octogonapus makes appearances in the lazer collection 1&2 as well as in a short clip called "a lazer"
Dr. Octogonapus, BLAHHHHHHHH!
by Seph Infinitum February 15, 2009
1. A college preparatory school located in the Albuquerque area.

2. A fortress located deep in the desert. Features many flights of stairs, arches, and secret underground tunnels.

3. A school for nerds who built pvc cannons when they're supposed to be doing homework.
Yeah, He's an albuquerque academy kid
by Seph Infinitum February 15, 2009
1. the hero in The Princess Bride. He is in love with the princess buttercup, who thinks that he has died after a sea journey and he become engaged to prince humperdinck. Posing as the Dread Pirate Roberts, Westley rescues the princess from a group of motley kidnappers. Later, he is captured and is tortured, dying at the hands of prince humperdinck. somehow he overcomes death and he and buttercup run off together.
the only thing Westley ever replied was "as you wish"
by Seph Infinitum February 15, 2009
1. A weapon from Kingdom Hearts, which is a videogame series by square enix. The keyblade can change forms as you progress through the game, giving new abilities to the wielder. In Birth by sleep The keyblade was a large part of the the keyblade war, and it is the main weapon in KH apart from the struggle bat. It is said to be able to open ANY seal, but in game the only lock you open is the key to another world; locked doors stay locked.

2. A big Fucking key that can open any lock, except the one the to the bathroom.
Roflmao, Sephiroth got pwned with the winnie the pooh keyblade.
by Seph Infinitum February 15, 2009
1. a highly explosive chemical that combusts upon contact with oxygen and is derived from the boiling-out of water from a substance known as urine, or, in simple terms, a flammable powder that comes from boiled piss.
Some say that phosphorus was discovered by a genius. My personal opinion is that it was discovered by a drunken fool who wanted to make coffee but had had his water line disconnected because he forgot to pay the bill.
by Seph Infinitum February 16, 2009
1. A large power drill used in construction

2. the act of stealing your buddies hammer after he helped you build that extension for your house.
He beat Jim over the head with a jackhammer
by Seph Infinitum February 16, 2009
1. Chuck Norris, but black.
2. Morpheaus from the Matrix
Seph: holy Shit, Morpheaus is like fricken Chuck Norris!
Jak: But...hes black
Seph: Well. then i guess he must be Bubba Norris.
by Seph Infinitum February 16, 2009

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