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(verb) to contribute pertinent but unwelcome information to a conversation.
"Working as a farmer is terrible. Never have so many toiled so hard for so little."

"Actually, according to the 1890 census, farmers had a higher median reported income than most other professions."

"Don't seph me, bro."
by Blue Truth December 09, 2009
Short for Sephiroth, the main villian in the popular Final Fantasy 7 RPG.
His online alias is Seph because he's such a fan of the greatest video game villian of all time...(Seph)iroth!
by Dondada April 27, 2007
A suffix that can added to be any word to imply friendliness and a cool relationship between two people.
Hey, what's up chodeseph/broseph/Nickseph/dudeseph/dickseph!
by Quiet Robert March 01, 2005
N. A deceptive yet lovable creature that enjoys romping in forests and hugging small children. Often described as a soft and not-so-inanimate plushie in the form of a rabbit. Common misconception: Seph bunny is evil. Absolutely not true.
by ph30tu5! <3<3 August 03, 2003
Pure evil wrapped up in a nice, discount-Ninja package
seph429 aka/ morgan k
by naggingmorgan March 19, 2003
reading these meanings it would SEEM that seph is some kind of fuzzy-not-so-inanimate plushie alien. dressed in a discount-ninja package. which is pure evil, which is absolutely not true. who lives out there *points*
seph: i am eeeev...ery confuse-ed
by 'nuff said April 30, 2004
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