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Noun. Wi-Fiend

A person who is unable to function in a social context without the need to refer constantly to their wi-fi enabled device/gadget.
God Riadhna, you're such a Wi-Fiend - put your phone down and talk to your family
by Sentasty November 18, 2012
To french-kiss, kiss with tongue, snog, pash, etc. Often doubled (lep-lep) to mean "have sex with", or used as an adjective (lep-able) to describe someone good looking.

It comes from the word leap, with the idea being that you jumped on someone -> leaped someone -> lepped someone

Areas used: Ireland and Northern Ireland
Ruth: Did ya lep him last night?

Lisa: Yeah, but we didn't lep-lep or anything

Ruth: Why, do you not think he's leppable?

Lisa: Yeah, he's leppable, but I've just met him. Soon though!

Ruth: Lucky thing - I'm dying for a lep-lep
by Sentasty August 18, 2010
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