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One who enjoys tossing salads, lickin ass, etc...
Bro 1: Man! She is smokin' hot. I would tongue punch her dirt star

Bro 2: Not me bro, I'm not a sewage chewer
by Senor Ringpiece August 05, 2009
Wolf bagging occurs when a penis is fucking an ass hetero/homo and before climax you reach around in stick your fingers down the fuckee's throat causing them to gag and tighten the anus thus enhancing pleasure for the fucker during climax.
I was so drunk last night I had to pull a wolf bagger so I could cum.
by Senor Ringpiece April 16, 2009
To try to have sex with a woman while she is sleeping. Usually this is done to a girlfriend or wife. Otherwise some of the more conservative people could profile this act as rape.
Guy 1: Hey man what are you doing?
Guy 2: Nothing just at my house and my girl is asleep and I really need to bust a nut.
Guy 1: I recommend you sneak one in.
Guy 2: Capital idea!
by Senor Ringpiece August 18, 2009
The kukui (kuh-koo-wee) nut is from a flowering tree in Hawaii. Busting a kukui is just another way to say busting a nut.
My balls were blue and I was certain I had to bust a kukui on this girls tits. After i did she swabbed it up with a biscuit which she ate greedily, as I informed her that I wouldn't require her services or presence the rest of the night.
by Senor Ringpiece August 07, 2009

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