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5 definitions by Senor Chodes

The king of his and your castle. The man that runs the plans and wraps circles around your best mans. The almighty king of ooh's and aaah's. The master of smooth melodies in a time of need.
Shit man, there goes the Slickster!

Do you know who that is? No. It's the Slickster!

Watch out baby, I'm the Slickster.
by Senor Chodes January 19, 2005
the use of the word by your father on Sunday morning after he unleashes his wrath in the downstairs bathroom referring to the property he just damaged with his ass gravy.
Woman, it's time for you to clean the damn tarlet.
by Senor Chodes January 18, 2005
Ancient Roman reference to the entrance of your cornchute. The last place a turd flies out of before it hits the ground.
Why don't you polish my dirtbutton after you wax your chodes.

Today I am going to get my dirtbutton bleached.
by Senor Chodes October 19, 2004
The story of your button and its life. A book on your button and its adventures.
Have you read his buttonography?
His buttonography is amazing!
That buttonography won a Pulitzer.
by Senor Chodes January 22, 2005
when your dung aint clung after it comes out your bung
damn woman! check out my velvet rope in the tarlet!
by Senor Chodes January 05, 2005