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Someone, usually from the suburbs, pretending to be a hipster but is too rich to pull it off. Such people are easily spotted because their "hipster" clothes are from mall stores instead of thrift shops, dumpsters and/or obscure emo band concerts.
Smelda, that slickster, isn't fooling anyone! They sell that shirt at hot topic."
by niles ward September 22, 2007
The king of his and your castle. The man that runs the plans and wraps circles around your best mans. The almighty king of ooh's and aaah's. The master of smooth melodies in a time of need.
Shit man, there goes the Slickster!

Do you know who that is? No. It's the Slickster!

Watch out baby, I'm the Slickster.
by Senor Chodes January 19, 2005
a smooth talking operator, hustler ,super salesman, or con artist.
Within minutes of meeting Blythe, The Slickster sweet talked her into letting him fuck her in all three holes and investing all her money.
by NWA10000 March 14, 2015
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