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The loud stereo playing "Clunk Clunk Ping Ping" Coming from the Car next to you while waiting for the light to change. The noise sounds as if the car from which the noise is coming from has several panels, engine parts and trunk lid loose.
Man what in the hell are those Nigger Beats.
I dont know but it sounds like some one put silverware and symbols in a clothes dryer.
by selvol March 03, 2011
A co-worker too lazy to get up and walk 200 feet to deliver a message to you.

Instead they send your phone a text message and expect a confirmation it was received.
Receiver of the text :
As they roll backwards 5 feet into the hall and shout. "Bill, you lazy Potato texter I got the message."

Bill: Sends another message that reads "K".
by selvol July 30, 2010
SelVol, Quite Simply the Volume control of ones Cell Phone when spoken in Ebonics.
Yo cuz I can't hear this Fool.
I think My SelVol is too low.
by selvol March 30, 2011
1/2 Chicano and 1/2 (kinfolk) Black.
Check out that ChiKin playing Basket Ball.

I am.

He can Jump High,
But sucks at everything else.
by selvol August 16, 2012
While waiting to turn left at a traffic light that is red

You Decide it would be faster to turn right, and flip a bitch.
Right after you turn around the traffic lights change and you are now sitting at another red light in the same intersection.
Man I'm in a real hurry to get some poontang and this light is taking way too long. I better go right and do a u-turn.
I hope I don;t get bitch flipped and waist 3 more minutes.
by selvol August 09, 2012
"Your Opinion".
When Spoken in the Language of "Ebonics".
Negro 1:
Yo Tyrone, whats YAPENYIN on the new girl in school.
Negro 2:
She look Good.
by selvol August 18, 2012
A Shy person that has a penis and vagina.
A Shy Shim.
What up with that Shim it never talks to anyone?
Oh it's a Shihem.
by selvol August 27, 2012
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