The real Solomon Williams is a bit more of a genius who seldom drinks Guinness. He always puts an 's' on the end of 'it' if it's appropriate. He is aware that 'illegal' and 'money' aren't proper nouns and therefore shouldn't be capitalized except at the beginning of a sentence. He also knows the difference between loose and lose. Knows the difference between hacking and simply using the internet.
Damn that Solomon Williams understands proper grammar.

Yes I do.
by Pete9870987 October 18, 2013
I am a Crafty computer Guinness that does stuff others can only dream of doing with a computer.

My knowledge will almost always finds it way into an Illegal action where someone looses Money & that someone is never me.

For fun I'll hack and get things like this definition published.
Damn Solomon Williams just don't stop with his Computer mayhem.

No I don't.
by selvol August 28, 2012

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