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5 definitions by Seleukos

I childish yet adult woman who orders bubbletea for lack of real discriminating taste upon visiting a tea shop.
"Look at that bubbletea twat with her affectedly earthy beaded necklaces, she's used the terms apropos, vis-a-vis, and nonsequitur in the last two sentences; though it's the preference for bubbletea over gyokoro that truly gives her ignorance away."
by Seleukos April 27, 2010
A homosexual man who is gargantuan both with respect to weight and height, a veritable mountain of a homosexual
"That guy is going to have to be a bottom, he's not just too huge to be on top of someone else, he's a fee fi fo faggot."
by Seleukos April 27, 2010
"all of the time" or "to such an unvarying degree"
"I don't love you sumbabatime, I love you allbabatime"
by Seleukos April 27, 2010
euphemism for masturbation
"I'll be right back, I've got to go jingle one out"
by Seleukos April 27, 2010
adverb, i.e. "so hard;" "very much so" used to signify extraordinary extent, often used by east Asians.
c.f. Fung Li said: "I don't ruv you onry a rittle, I ruv you so har'!"
by Seleukos April 27, 2010